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Avoiding Pilot Purgatory

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Pilot Phase


How to Choose the Right Use Cases to Realize Value

For years, industrial companies have been pursuing Industrial Transformation (IX) in the hope of achieving transformative results. And yet, many never realize the intended value and remain stuck in the pilot phase indefinitely. Conversely, IX leaders achieve transformative results by choosing the right business objectives to focus on from the very start.

This whitepaper, packed with insights from LNS Research, discusses why many industrial business get stuck in the pilot phase of deployments with little or no progress over time, as well as how your business can prevent this pitfall and become a leader in IX.

Download this insightful whitepaper from LNS Research to discover:

  • Why 15% of companies are stuck in the pilot phase of IX with unclear results.
  • The four primary failure modes for IX initiatives.
  • Key recommendations from LNS Research for achieving true transformation in your business.
  • How to choose the right use cases to accelerate IX.
  • And more...