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From Beast to Beauty: Transforming Analytics to Drive Business Forward Towards Industry 4.0


How to Become a Leader by Embracing Analytics

Analytics are at the heart of any Industry 4.0 program. But in order to leverage analytics that inform decisive actions, the data behind them must be standardized and contextualized. If it isn’t, this beast of information can prevent manufacturers from finding success in Industry 4.0.

In this whitepaper, we will take a look at how to turn a “beast” of analytics into a “beauty” that drives business forward. We’ll explore manufacturing’s current analytics-related challenges and reveal what steps to take to ensure your analytics are future-ready today. Download it to discover:

  • What opportunities and obstacles to growth manufacturers are facing.
  • How Industry 4.0 demands metrics and analytics with clean and concise data.
  • Why a native edge approach that standardizes and contextualizes data across products, processes, and machines is the optimal path forward.
  • And more.