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Beware Extreme Software

Beware Extreme Software Whitepaper

Many have the perception that taking the middle ground is to accept a compromise, which is a positioning that seeks to make most people happy—but in reality this leaves everyone wanting.

Elements within software development and solution packaging have attracted numerous different—and sometimes extreme—viewpoints, each of which influence software solutions, their core capabilities, and ultimate sustainability. When seeking a software solution, you must be skilled at navigating through negotiations with vendors to reveal not only the highlighted values, but also the true costs of ownership and potential limitation of further opportunity.

Different solutions are based on their individual philosophies which, at the extremes, are very significantly different. Yet, factors that contribute to each in terms of value, cost and risk are remarkably similar. Each extreme view represents a domination of one philosophy over another, creating an unbalanced solution model, which unknown to potential users, can easily tip return on investment into significant loss of opportunity.

Looking into these extreme approaches reveals a great deal about the long-term viability and sustainability of any software solution. This whitepaper considers some examples at the commonly experienced extremes of such philosophies in terms of MES software.

Access this whitepaper to learn:

  • The consideration of extreme approaches to MES software.
  • A closer look at extreme areas within in-house development, open-source, commercial solution dominance, app-based technology, interoperability, and flexibility.
  • Key decisions to be made when selecting solutions, beyond marketing messages that highlight extreme approaches.
  • How the right MES solution, like FactoryLogix, can work simply “out of the box.”
  • And more.