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Case Study: Norautron Suzhou Co. Ltd.

Improved Process Control and Data Visibility by Moving from a Home Grown System to a Scalable MES


Norautron Suzhou realized that their home-grown MES system could no longer support the growing demand from customers.

Ever increasing customer requirements and market regulations for mission-critical products is the most important reasons why Norautron found their home-grown system no longer adequate. Products that need to work in tough environmental conditions or demand extremely high reliability like the ones Norautron makes for maritime, defense, and medical industries require traceability down to a single connection on a single electronic component. Also, process control and material management, including RMA is a must. However, the precise and high-level traceability and strict process control and management can only be achieved by a professional MES system, where Norautron’s home-grown system fell short.

In this case study learn:

  • Why Norautron looked for an MES solution that could assist with meeting regulatory requirements for traceability and process control
  • Which key features and benefits were part of the company’s selection criteria
  • How FactoryLogix MES flexibly adapts to any manufacturing environment with little to no need for costly customization
  • The Results — Data visibility and accessibility provided by FactoryLogix improves operational efficiency and product quality for Norautron Suzhou