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Case Study: Sparton Corporation

Achieving Regulatory Compliancewith FactoryLogix MES


Selecting an MES for Compliance, Adaptability, and Data Integration

As today’s regulatory requirements evolve, and customer demands for greater traceability follow suit, Sparton has an easily-configurable system in place to quickly respond to these changes. Implementing the right MES solution has allowed the manufacturer to future-proof their processes since the scope of FactoryLogix scope can easily adapt to changing requirements without custom engineering. 

Since implementing a consolidated data set, some of the measurable improvements seen at Sparton’s facilities include the following:

  • A return on the company’s software investment was realized in just four months
  • 5% reduction in defective parts per million (DPMO)
  • Average assembly rework time has dropped 30%
  • FactoryLogix provides deep traceability all the way down to individual reference designators
  • Across six sites, Sparton displays over 25 custom dashboards and reports with an average development time of 1 hour