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[On-Demand Webinar] Embrace the Cloud, Reach New Heights with FactoryLogix Online

FactoryLogix Online Campaign Graphic

Are you ready to take your manufacturing operations to new heights?

Manufacturers want to improve their operations but also need an affordable, rapid and low-risk solution without having to compromise on functionality. FactoryLogix Online combines the strengths of cutting-edge cloud-native technologies, with the convenience of cloud hosting and management, all wrapped up in straight-forward subscription pricing and rapid implementation.

Empower your factory with a secure, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that accelerates innovation, flexibility, and productivity. FactoryLogix Online removes the stress, cost, and complexity traditionally associated with an on-premise infrastructure.

For existing customers, the move to FactoryLogix Online is simple and unleashes more capabilities to power your next era of success. 

Manage your manufacturing business NOT your software. Below are just some of the reasons to make the shift :

  • Infrastructure maintenance ▶ Streamlined deployment with zero burden on your  team
  • Challenges with scalability Scalability in stride
  • Capital expense ▶ Operating expense
  • Outdated capabilities Significant enhancements & access to continuous innovation
  • Technology obsolescence ▶ Always leverage leading-edge technology 
  • Security risks Dedicated focus on security and compliance
  • Downtime and disaster recovery risks ▶ High availability and disaster recovery 

Sneak Peak Video

Below is a sneak preview video of FactoryLogix Online. Don't forget to register above to attend the May 30th webinar to learn more! Can't make the live event? Register to get notified once recording is available.