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Future of Industrial Work

Future-proofing Your Operations

Future Proofing Graphic

Manufacturers across the globe are navigating through challenging times. With large margins, increased sales, and “The Great Resignation,” the workforce crisis has steadily snuck up on manufacturing leaders.

Maintaining operations, reshoring, and nearshoring efforts are all in jeopardy as a shrunken labor pool shows little interest in industry, with more than 7 million manufacturing jobs lost since 1980. A career in manufacturing, once highly coveted, is seeing a new reality emerge as labor force dynamics continue to change and labor force participation and manufacturing desirability decline. Failing to understand the gravity of workforce shortages or refusing to believe operations are being threatened will result in companies realizing their errors too late.

LNS Research’s Transformational Blueprint provides manufacturing leaders with a template for executing workforce initiatives that win the war for talent. It reveals best practices across people, processes, and technology, along with the strategic imperatives found driving the success of FOIW leaders and strategies that significantly improve frontline hiring, training, and retention.

Access this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why current manufacturing practices fail next-gen workforce expectations.
  • What strategic FOIW imperatives are driving step change improvements across hiring, training, and retention.
  • How to overcome workforce challenges with proven best practices.
  • Which pitfalls manufacturers face most, and how to avoid obstacles to success.
  • And more.