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IIoT-Powered Transformation

Tapping into Improved Operational Outcomes with IIoT


Multiply Your Industry 4.0 Benefits through IIoT

Advanced IIoT capabilities have the power to dramatically improve operational outcomes through real-time visibility and control. In fact, Best-in-Class Manufacturers who have embraced IIoT capabilities report several operational advantages.

In this insightful infographic, we'll explore how Best-in-Class manufacturers are driving operational transformation by fully harnessing what IIoT has to offer. Download the infographic to discover:

  • Advanced IIoT capabilities employed by Best-in-Class Manufacturers.
  • How Best-in-Class Manufacturers capture, collect, and centralize data to fuel IIoT.
  • Next level operational benefits that are enabled by IIoT applications.
  • How FactoryLogix™ provides dynamic MES functionality on an IIoT backbone to enable transformation.