Embracing Technology as the Great Enabler of Business Transformation

Leaders of industrial transformation (IX) have implemented 3.5 more technology than those who have not yet derived value from their IX efforts, but that’s not all they are doing. Insights from LNS Research indicate that IX leaders are set apart not only by their level of technology, but by their business-focused approach to solution selection and change. In this infographic, we break down how IX leaders dominate smart manufacturing, and how you can benchmark your success in manufacturing digitalization.

Download our infographic, packed with insights from LNS Research, to discover:

  • How IX leaders set themselves apart from the pack.
  • The organizational disconnects that limit digital manufacturing success.
  • The importance of executive sponsorship and plant-level buy-in.
  • Why technology implementation must extend beyond IIoT.
  • How to benchmark the success of your IX program.