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[On-Demand Webinar] Smart-Factory Best Practice: Industry 4.0 & Human 4.0



Knowledge & Innovation are the World’s Best Assets—Now More than Ever

We are all dealing with a challenging time. Some factories are idling, some are overloaded, others are racing to change the type of products they are building. In this environment, Aegis wants to help by increasing its free technical & educational webinar series for those contemplating ways to either adapt rapidly now or to do things better after we all successfully emerge from the current situation. We hope to help by arming you with information that may be of value today, or in the future.

View now this 1-hour webinar in our Smart-Factory Series that focuses on following two key topics:

- Industry 4.0: How to Make to Order with Mass Production Efficiency

Manufacturing trends are actually taking us backwards. From the origin of craft-based manufacturing, automation brought mass production of the same article thousands of times. Now, in many areas of manufacturing, we are seeing the progressive return towards a high mix of related or bespoke products. This time around however, there is a global market to be satisfied, with global competition, the need is to become flexible without loss of productivity. How can factories now making to order, achieve productivity levels that fulfill modern business performance expectation?
In this talk, we look in detail at the different make to order scenarios, ranging from single piece tailored manufacturing, to small-lot, automated lines, and how our unique software tools, already built into FactoryLogix, are here to deliver your flexible and agile production performance.

- The Digital Operator Cockpit: Human 4.0

Digitalization of automated processes in factories for Industry 4.0 is relatively easy, as compared to the work that human operators perform. The real revolution in manufacturing is the huge change that is made in the non-automated areas, how our most flexible manufacturing asset are included in the digital factory of the future.
The real challenge lies in cost of ownership, as we see extremely impressive VR (Virtual Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) solutions being demonstrated, but which represent literally millions of Euros investment in each case. The practical approach is to use Augmented Reality (AR), which does not carry the burden of such investment, nor cost of ownership, but does in fact lead to compelling cost saving opportunities.
In this session, we look into the investment requirements of FactoryOptix, our practical AR technology within FactoryLogix, including applications and cost savings that in the eyes of many, are making this a must have for true holistic smart factory digitalization.


Stay tuned for the last episode of our series, we'll keep you posted.

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