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Accelerate Your CFX Implementation with IPC’s Engineering Support Services Program

  • Purpose of the Engineering Support Services Program

    • Provide engineering guidance and support to CFX implementers

    • Allows CFX implementation more quickly and efficiently.

    • Effectively achieve CFX push from machines and devices, plus consuming CFX on devices or software systems

  • Engineering Level of Support and Assistance (Examples of support)

    • Explain CFX schema

    • Connectivity to AMQP and security explained

    • Coding questions answered

    • Code review and guidance

    • Guidance provided around topics/messages needed to achieve an end-goal in terms of outputs in secondary systems

    • Engineering support is the intent of this service and not full coding of CFX integration.

  • How is Support Provided?

    • By phone, email, online interactive sessions.

  • Engineering Support: IPC has selected Aegis Software

    • Aegis was one of the founding members of the CFX committee and is an active member of the ‘A-Team’ for CFX development.

    • Aegis developed and donated the CFX SDK to the IPC.

    • Aegis provided CFX server infrastructure for all the worldwide demonstrations in USA, Europe and China.

    • Aegis engineering’s experience can support your company’s efforts to join your system or device to a CFX network.

  • How Do I Purchase this Service?

    • Subscription Service Contract 

    • Tracking time is done with 15 minutes minimum per engagement.

    • Submit Registration form to learn more......