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Driving Rapid ROI with the Digital Thread

The Global State of Manufacturing Operations Software


MOM Software – The Next Enterprise-Class Application

Though industrial professionals have made great strides in improving the efficiency, profitability, and responsiveness of their companies’ operations, many companies are still lagging in technology investments to support flexibly manufacturing operations. 

Coupled with new technologies, next-generation MOM solutions are offering the promise of, better, more immediate, and actionable information, and a fastening of the traditional seams between customers, suppliers, manufacturing operations, services, and overall business goals— what has come to be known as weaving the “Digital Thread.”

This whitepaper examines:

  • Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Initiatives, The Move to Digitization, Understanding the Digital Thread
  • MOM Software – The Next Enterprise-Class Application 
  • How to Select and Drive ROI with MOM Software