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Building Resilience and Agility in Manufacturing: How Innovation Breeds Success

Building Resilience Whitepaper Cover

Innovative Technologies Bridge the Gap Between the Factory and the Remote Workspace

While the manufacturing industry was hit hard by COVID-19, businesses that focused on innovative technologies and strategies were able to remain resilient. In order to ensure resilience and agility amid a new business environment, manufacturers should consider implementing new tools and strategies that future-proof their operations.

In this insightful whitepaper, Aberdeen discusses how manufacturers are working through the COVID-19 recovery process, and the instrumental role innovative solutions play in enabling greater business success. Download to discover:

  • The importance of business resilience in manufacturing.
  • The three phases to building better business resilience.
  • The innovative technologies successful manufacturers are utilizing to bridge the gap between the factory and home office.
  • Key strategies to improve resilience and agility in order to best adapt to the new business environment.