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[On-Demand Webinar] The Power Applet Approach to Composability & the Connected Worker

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Operations Graphic

Are you ready to elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights of productivity and agility? See firsthand how you can transform complex manufacturing processes into streamlined error-free operations.

In this session, we delve into the transformative capabilities of Composable UI and its direct impact on optimizing your manufacturing processes. Witness how Composable UI eliminates the cost and complexity of an MES solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of your shop floor personnel. It empowers your workforce, streamlines operations, and unlocks unprecedented levels of efficiency, adaptability, and collaboration.

See the power of zero-code user interfaces that are built on a powerful and proven IIoT and logic backbone by assembling independent, reusable, and self-contained components. These components can be combined and orchestrated to build simple or complex user interfaces, providing flexibility, scalability, and ease of maintenance—without building your own data model or effectively coding your own MES solution—simply drag and drop and activate on the floor.

Key highlights:

  • Explore how a ‘power applet’ approachwhere the composable apps do not require you to design your own data structure and logic to make them usefulrevolutionizes the way operators interact with production systems.
  • Experience the power of real-time, context-aware work instructions that adapt dynamically to changing production variables, reducing downtime, and preventing costly mistakes.
  • Experience the power of intuitive, user-centric interfaces that simplify complex workflows and empower operators to perform tasks with unmatched efficiency.
  • View the benefits of leveraging data visualization and real-time analytics from machines, humans, and/or devices to provide operators with actionable insights at their fingertips.
  • And more.