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[On-Demand Webinar] The Role of MES for CO2 Emission and Sustainability

Role of MES CO2 Emission Sustainability Graphic

Feeling around sustainability in the manufacturing industry centres around the importance for the environment and humanity, but also anticipation of the cost and burden to our immediate businesses. It has not even been clear what “sustainability” actually includes. Frustration is emerging where factories feel unprepared, and don’t know for sure how they can make a difference withoutsomewhat ironicallywasting resources.

Sustainability must be sustainable. Having a plan that makes quite advanced requirements for sustainability, where mandated by customers, industry, or local governments, work in the favour of the business, is a key to future success in manufacturing.

In this webinar, we clarify the meaning of sustainability from multiple perspectives, setting into context the crucial role that a modern MES solution plays. As well as immediate energy and CO2 emission management within the factory, we show how to accumulate sustainability credentials of products, based on the precise materials used throughout the supply-network, and what is needed to close the circle for effective reuse, recovery, and recycling of end products and waste materials.

Who Should Watch This Webinar?

All levels of manufacturing related management, including C-level, as well as key sustainability, circular economy, recycling, MRO, and similar team members.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to approach CO2 and energy measurements in a simple and practical way.
  • The holistic view of sustainability requirements on the horizon. 
  • How to implement concrete sustainable steps in your factory, avoiding Greenwashing.
  • A practical way to start on a “no-cost” journey that establishes you as a leader in the industry.
  • And more.