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Smart-Factory Best Practice

Webinar Series On-Demand


Knowledge & Innovation are the World’s Best Assets—Now More than Ever

We are dealing with a challenging time, together. Some factories are idling, some are overloaded, others are racing to change the type of products they are building. In this environment, Aegis wants to help you, by increasing its free technical & educational webinar series for those contemplating ways to either adapt rapidly now, or, to make a strategic change to make things better after we all successfully emerge from the current situation. Our mission is to help guide you towards digital manufacturing “best practices” with information enables you to differentiate your operation, both now and in the future.

8 webinar topics, accessible individually and on-demand:

  1. Traceability: Not Just Compliance, but the Core of Modern MES
  2. Holistic Quality Management and Zero-Defect Strategies
  3. Why the unique IPC CFX IIoT standard is critical to your business
  4. The importance of FactoryLogix contextualization-driven MES
  5. Industry 4.0: How to Make to Order with Mass Production Efficiency
  6. The Digital Operator Cockpit: Human 4.0
  7. Best practices using data to control and manage your manufacturing business
  8. Lean Supply-Chain 4.0: Achieve the greatest of all savings in manufacturing


View our introduction video to get more details on those webinars and register now to access them all:


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