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[Workbook] Quantifying Intelligence

How to Calculate Your Smart Factory AIQ

Quantifying Intelligence Thumbnail

Are your manufacturing operations smart enough? This strategic assessment has been developed as a useful tool for data-driven, Smart assembly factories, with a quantifiable Intelligence Quotient (IQ) metric that uncovers strengths and weaknesses, enables improvements, increases visibility, and eliminates inefficiencies.

This workbook details the areas of the factory that contribute to Smart advantages—and which areas hold factories back. Follow along as you make your own IQ calculations, and ultimately determine whether your Smart Factory is ready for manufacturing's evolution.

Download this workbook to learn:

  • How to calculate your Smart Factory IQ.
  • The two stages to calculate: connectivity and data-driven manufacturing values.
  • How the data highlights Smart areas, and where improvements can be found.
  • How to empower the factory with a solution that optimizes IQ.
  • And more.