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The Smarter Perspective, From Aegis

Bringing Industry 4.0 Into Reach Through Key Modern Technologies


Smart Manufacturing is Closer Than You Think

As Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing continue to dominate the industry conversation, most manufacturers still seek a way to effectively bring these concepts to fruition in their own manufacturing environments. Through an alternate approach that is practical, non-disruptive and highly actionable, Aegis is bringing Industry 4.0 into reach.

In this whitepaper, Aegis provides a fresh perspective on Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing. Download the whitepaper and discover:

  • Why Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing are much closer and more achievable than you think.
  • How new software and hardware solutions provide ready solutions to age-old manufacturing challenges.
  • How FactoryLogix® provides a breakthrough approach designed specifically for the Industry 4.0 live decision-making environment.
  • What Aegis is doing to advance the standardization of IoT data.