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Quality is critical for manufacturers. But organizations that run disparate systems will lack confidence in their data, have more potential for defects, and experience increased costs. Siloed systems for areas like quality, manufacturing, testing, inspection, and reporting can cause major issues throughout the enterprise.

In this digital transformation era, there are many opportunities to improve. Implementing a holistic and data-driven approach to quality management enables manufacturers to quickly and proactively respond to quality issues anywhere in the value chain. This unified approach to processes and leveraging of data is key to strengthening customer loyalty, maintaining high levels of quality, ensuring compliance, and improving financial and operational outcomes.

Download this infographic to learn:

  • How manufacturers can mitigate quality challenges.
  • Pressures driving manufacturing’s approach to quality management.
  • Challenges with digital transformation initiatives in quality-related processes.
  • Criteria to consider when choosing a quality management solution.
  • Why an IIoT-enabled MES is crucial for enabling outstanding quality.
  • And more.