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Immediate Industry 4.0 Transition for Your Existing Factory, While Combatting Material Supply Issues

November 28, 2018: Flemings Selection Hotel – Frankfurt


Digital Product Modelling for Industry 4.0 Benefits

At this new and exclusive event, you will see how, in just a few minutes, a digital “twin” of any product can be created, and used to execute production on any capable production line configuration at a moment’s notice, including how the whole job can be costed, with automated, precise, best-value material selection and sourcing.

The essence of Industry 4.0 is the ability to be immediately reactive to new and changing customer demand, which is especially challenging in the current material constrained market. Aegis and CircuitByte together, bring the ultimate software tool that provides the necessary degree of flexibility and material control required, in a holistic and immediate Industry 4.0 Smart-Factory solution, that avoids needless investment in replacing equipment or non-essential automation of manual operations.

In this seminar you will learn about real-life Digital Product Modelling, and how it is used to:

  • Identify capable line configurations for any product.
  • Carry out intelligent, automated Bill Of Materials (BOM) consolidation.
  • Source materials in the market, available immediately, with assured quality and the best pricing
  • Create on-demand interactive paperless documentation and machine setup data as required .in line with any customer demand change requirement, maintaining the highest levels of productivity and throughput.
  • Provide Just In Time (JIT) material management, allowing rapid, risk-free configuration assignment changes, as well as the elimination of internal material shortages, accurate inventory management and control for ERP, as well as full material and process traceability.

The take-away from this seminar is for you to understand the simplicity of working digitally and seamlessly with Aegis’ FactoryLogix  and CircuitByte’s BOMConnector software, and fully appreciate the unique values, opportunities and benefits created. Having differentiation in the market with  Industry 4.0 capability, with minimum investment and retaining existing manufacturing processes, is a critical driver for business success.


09:30 – Registration and Coffee

10:00 – In the News: Aegis and CircuitByte  

General Introduction.  Understand the benefits from working digitally and seamlessly with Aegis’ FactoryLogix and CircuitByte’s BOMConnector software

10:30 - Introduction to Supply Chain 4.0 Strategy

Looking at the relationship of Lean material management with shop-floor operational planning, engineering & purchasing paradigm changes, quality issues and overall bottom line business success 

11:00 – CircuitByte’s BOM ConnectorTM Solution  

Get real-time component price and delivery information from your most important suppliers and use the information to improve cost calculation, quoting and purchasing. Feed the information directly into FactoryLogix for the most state-of-the art material management anywhere.  

11:30 – Aegis FactoryLogix Digital MES Solution  

The ultimate assembly process engineering software solution, integrated with the entire factory supply-chain, providing the necessary degree of flexibility and material control required for Industry 4.0. 

12:30 – Lunch 

13:30 – Workshop (live case studies) 

15:00 - Coffee Break 

15:30 – Review and Summary   

16:00 – Finish