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[On-Demand Webinar] Turning Data into Profit


Discover how FactoryLogix® Enterprise Reporting can help you turn data into profit.

Aegis Software is revolutionizing the way in which data exists and is utilized. With FactoryLogix®, you can leverage contextualized data flows through data warehouses and discover value and opportunity where it was once invisible in your complex factory environment. During this webinar recording you will learn how reporting and data utilization work together in the Smart Factory to increase profitability.

View recording, FactoryLogix® Enterprise Reporting: Turning Data into Profit, to discover:

  • How to leverage data in your manufacturing environment to inform enterprise decision making.
  • The role data plays in enhancing quality, capacity, and performance in critical factory processes.
  • How C-Suite and Senior IT managers can benefit from utilizing an advanced analytics platform.
  • Best practices and examples of how Smart Factories are harnessing analytics.
  • And more…