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MES & ERP: Better Together

Accelerate Modern Manufacturing Success


Harness Best-of-Breed MES and ERP from Aegis and MAX to Thrive in Today’s Connected Manufacturing Landscape

As pressures on today’s manufacturers continue to intensify, best-of-breed Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in partnership with market-leading ERP can together unleash the business-critical data you need to address today’s manufacturing pressures, tap into significant operational benefits, and become a Smart Factory.

In this webinar, Aegis and MAX will together demonstrate the power of MES and ERP when used together in the modern manufacturing environment. Sign up and discover:

  • Why today’s manufacturing pressures require MES and ERP together.
  • The importance of interoperability when it comes to harnessing MES and ERP technologies.
  • The significant operational benefits that MES and ERP integration can yield.
  • How Aegis and MAX are together powering the data-driven Smart Factory of the future.