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[On-Demand Webinar] Beware Extreme Software


With the rise of new software and IIoT technologies across the industry, it has become a challenge to understand and compare the many choices when getting started with Digital Transformation projects in manufacturing. Getting it wrong can commit the organization to very significant, and often unneeded costs, as momentum grows in a less than-ideal direction. 

It is very confusing when comparing different software packages, especially where weaknesses in their core models are carefully crafted and positioned as strengths, for example, in the flexibility of data modelling, creation of your own context, or offerings requiring no-code to be developed. In reality, what does it all actually mean? Such claims always have a grain of truth, but a whole bushel of hidden obstacles and requirements. Understanding the nuances behind such claims is vitally important.

In this webinar, we explore the different types of MES offerings that are out there in the market, from one extreme to the other, looking into the pros and cons of each, finding the true cost of long-term ownership, as well as any limitations of values and benefits. 

Who should watch this Webinar?

All levels of management, including C-level, relating to manufacturing, IT or supply-chain, especially where active projects or intents exist for MES digitalization within manufacturing. 

What you will learn:

  • How to recognize and classify different offerings of MES software solutions.
  • How to decide the best type of solution approach for your specific needs.
  • The tools to effectively compare solutions of interest.
  • Etc. 

All registrants to the webinar will receive complimentary access to our corresponding whitepaper, “Beware Extreme Software”.