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[On-Demand Webinar] Surf the Quality 4.0 Wave

Surf Quality 4.0 Wave Graphic

Dive into data-driven quality management with no more silos

It only takes a single quality issue to lose a customer for life. Do you have siloed systems for quality, manufacturing, testing, inspection, reporting, and so on? Manufacturers running disparate quality and manufacturing systems tend to lack confidence in their data, have increased defect and rework rates, and increased cost of quality.

In this digital transformation era, numerous opportunities exist to strengthen customer loyalty, reduce the cost of quality, simplify compliance, and mitigate operational risk. A holistic and data-driven approach to quality management with total product & process traceability is the only way manufacturers can quickly and proactively respond to quality issues anywhere in the value chain.

Industry experts with Aegis Software & Aberdeen Group explore the latest quality management trends and the benefits of a modern and holistic approach to quality management.

You Will Learn:

  • How Best-in-Class manufacturers are approaching quality in the digital transformation era
  • How to automate a proactive approach to quality and drive continuous improvement
  • How to build a 360-degree quality firewall around your factory, reducing defects and nonconformances while elevating customer satisfaction
  • How to achieve organizational alignment with a data-driven approach and single source of truth
  • And more.