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The MES Performance Kick


The Manufacturing Operations Edge: The MES Performance Kick

This report explores how Best-in-Class organizations deploy manufacturing execution systems, and the performance boost they receive for doing so. As we enter the era of cloud and industrial IoT, Best-in-Class organizations are better positioned to reap the benefits of MOM/MES systems, including improved operational efficiency, faster decision making, improved tracking and traceability, improved visibility into the factory, and better quality.

Download the whitepaper and discover:

  • Which top manufacturing challenges are driving MOM/MES usage today.
  • How MOM/MES solutions enable enhanced tracking, traceability, visibility, and quality.
  • The key MES/MOM practices that give best-in-class manufacturers a performance edge.
  • The results manufacturers should seek from their MOM/MES solution.
  • Why MOM/MES plays a foundational role in the future success of manufacturing.