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manufacturing intelligence

Manufacturing Intelligence

The traditional challenge in any software system is how users will retrieve data from it. This typically means highly skilled IT personnel are required to learn the database structure of the product and then write structured queries to retrieve data.  A long, costly process that puts a middle man between the data and the people who need to analyze and leverage it. Aegis changes all that by empowering manufacturing and operations personnel to perform data retrievals in a simple and straightforward manner. It enables any user to retrieve, filter, sort, group, and even export the vast store of data within the Aegis system entirely graphically—no SQL, scripting, or IT knowledge necessary.

Analysis is quickly performed with several presentation options.  Data may be analyzed in grouped grid form, pivot tables, interactive drill down charts, and formal reports, all of which are easily developed with extensive capabilities. With the agility it offers for presenting information in a readily digestible form, it is highly valuable in production and quality meetings where multiple parties may collaborate and analyze the information together.

When users complete data retrieval and analysis they find useful, it can be stored as a template for future recall, or shared with specific users or groups of users for their use as well.