Breaking Down Islands for Lean Manufacturing

On-Demand Webinar (Aegis & Vecna Robotics)


AGV + MES + WMS: Linking Islands of Intelligent Automation for Lean Manufacturing

Increasing competition, the need for differentiation and innovation, as well as heightened customer and stakeholder expectations are driving manufacturers to race towards digital transformation. One area of focus, on the journey to Industry 4.0, is the digital factory supply chain. The key to achieving accelerated and amplified value is when the flow of materials between origination and consumption is intelligently autonomous. During this exclusive webinar, industry experts discuss and demonstrate how intelligent automation can further reduce costs, increase throughput and productivity, improve worker safety, and enable complete traceability.

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  • Streamline Warehouse/Material Handling Operations
  • Streamline Factory Floor Material Awareness
  • Execute Lean Materials Management & Planning